Thursday, April 8, 2010

This earthly paradise you’re about to see is located in Pontevedra, a city in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula; more precisely, in Galicia, Spain. It sits in a beautiful valley, and it extends southwards to gorgeous mountains and a river. Its climate is temperate by the Atlantic Ocean and its proximity to the sea and, most importantly, the calming effect of the RIA, or river mouth, make temperatures pleasant for most of the year. The owner of this earthly paradise is Maruxa, who thinks that a gardener’s best teacher is always the “well observed” errors and trials that also make gardening a stimulating and pleasurable experience.

Maruxa’s garden had humble beginnings. It started with just four Gerbera Daisy Bush, and aside from the huge family huerta, or vegetable garden that included most of the terrain, there were few old rose bushes planted by her grandmother and a few old varieties of roses climbing along a fence. Today, everywhere you look you’ll see flowering annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, but mostly gorgeous roses, such as Charles de Mills and an Old English Climber planted in 1958. Maruxa started her garden imagining, or dreaming, a rose garden. Bits by bits and through many trials, defeats, and some successes, her dream finally became a reality. The main problem her garden faces are mainly rocky soil, acid terrain and large areas exposed to the harsh northeast wind and little water to water in the Galician dry summers.

To defend the roses of the wind, Maruxa planted a hedge of Cupressus, a species of cypress endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, which was an over difficult task and not very gratifying, but it did help in the protection of her rose garden from the inclemency of harsh weather...

Among the many trees and shrubs embellishing Maruxa's garden you may find apple trees, peach trees, orange trees, a lovely magnolia bush, some lime trees and two criptomerias... please take your time to stroll this beautiful garden and then visit Maruxa and let her know how much you enjoyed your visit to her gardens.... She will be so happy to see you!

Please visit Maruxa by clicking HERE and tell her I sent you. You can see more of her paradise there.